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Thought in Action at the Erb Institute

Constructing Green Conference Publication

R. Henn

Work has begun on a publication that will summarize proceedings from the “Constructing Green: Sustainability and the Places We Inhabit” conference hosted by The Erb Institute at the Ross School in May.  Associate Director Andrew Hoffman and doctoral student Rebecca Henn, who is affiliated with The Erb Institute, organized the conference that focused on strategies, relationships and opportunities inherent in green building.  Henn is leading the effort to publish the conference proceedings.

Lessons learned in the field


In five postings in the Harvard Business Review blog series, The Erb Institute Associate Director Andrew Hoffman shares personal stories about important business lessons he learned in the construction industry, including the importance of trust in work relationships and being able to communicate comfortably with people from a variety of backgrounds and with differing viewpoints.


  1. “Job Versus Vocation” (pdf)
  2. How Camaraderie Works: What I Didn’t Learn in B-School (pdf)
  3. Trusting Your Gut: What They Don’t Teach You in B-School.” (pdf)
  4. Talking Across Cultures (With or Without Profanity) pdf.
  5. Firing Someone: What They Don’t Teach You in B-School (pdf).

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