ErbWire: News from The Erb Institute

FALL, 2010
Thought in Action at The Erb Institute


Erb Reunion 2009


Reconnect at Erb Reunion, Net Impact

Class of  2013 Includes a Facebook Chef,  Singer-Songwriter,  and Teach for America Educator  / General Electric, Sun Edison, Sungard and the U.S. Forest Service are among firms who hire Erb Grads.



Claudia Harner-Jay


Erb Alum, Harner-Jay, works to expand access to health resources
Reducing maternal mortality: Colm Fay, Erb ’12



European Energie Labels

EU Energy Labels


Tom Lyon: No “one size fits all” when choosing an NGO partner

Erb visiting professor boosts research on policy questions and corporate social responsibility

Tom Lyon reflects on “Image vs. substance: Sustainability in China

Firms that “greenwash” often have little to lose, says Lyon

Erb Informing Green Markets conference generates lively debate

— Student Case Studies illustrate lessons learned from Sherwin-Williams and Clorox



offshore drilling

Andy Hoffman in Yellowstone


Ross experts discuss effects of Gulf oil crisis

Hoffman: U.S. must act to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Erb EDF Climate Corps interns work to reduce energy usage

Alumnus and student lead Webinar about U.S. forest carbon market standards

Erb alumnus and venture capitalist Ryan Waddington receives $6 million from state

Hoffman’s 1st sabbatical stop: Yellowstone National Park



offshore drilling

Students explore links between an organization’s culture and sustainability efforts

CSOs often reach out to stakeholders, government and NGOs, and handle traditional health and safety responsibilities, Lyon notes

Savvy consumers care about corporate sustainability says Erb Managing Director, Rick Bunch






offshore drilling

Shai Agassi


Erb Case study:  A world without oil?

Alumnus helps bring hydrogen-powered cars to Hawaii

Interns take battery-electric Ford Focus for a spin

Students work with Ford on supply chain, “New Mobility” systems in urban slums

SMART launches new mobility projects

Senior SNRE lecturer tackles “car-climate” challenge



Andy Hoffman


Andy Hoffman shares lessons learned in the field

Constructing Green conference publication


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