ErbWire: Welcome Class of 2012

Thought in Action at the Erb Institute

Class of  2013 Includes a Facebook Chef,  Singer/Songwriter,  and Teach for America Educator

General Electric, Sun Edison, Sungard and the U.S.Forest  Service  are among firms who hire Erb grads

The Erb Institute welcomes another outstanding entering class this fall.  Our new students bring a broad range of professional and volunteer experiences to The Institute, including demonstrated leadership skills and a commitment to sustainability and addressing environmental issues.  The Class of 2013 includes a songwriter and singer; a Teach for America educator; a chef at Facebook; a Walmart marketing employee who championed the use of reusable shopping bags there; a JP Morgan associate who researched wind, solar, geothermal, ethanol, nuclear and natural gas energy sources; and employees from the nation’s most prestigious consulting firms.

The Institute also is pleased to report our 33 graduates in the Class of 2010 were hired by such leading firms and organizations as A. T. Kearney, Axio Power, Blue Tree Strategies, Cisco, Deloitte, Dow Chemical, General Electric, Johnson Controls, McKinsey, Sun Edison, SunGard, the U. S. Forest Service and Waste Management.  Armed with knowledge and experience in business and natural resources and the environment, the new hires are working on a variety of assignments, including managing sustainability programs, advising businesses on sustainability, arranging financing for solar projects, analyzing corporate ventures, working on value chain and social responsibility compliance programs, and creating new finance mechanisms for forest conservation.



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