Open Letter to New Erb Institute Admits from Justin Adams

Justin Adams

By Justin Adams, Erb MBA/MS student, class of 2011.

Dear Erb admits,

It was great to meet you at Go Blue Rendezvous this past weekend. I hope you had a good time at GBR and got a feel for both Ross and the Erb community. I know you have a tough decision ahead. I just wanted to give you a few reasons to choose to come to Michigan!

1.  Life expectancy. You’re going to live to 80-85, easy. That means that in the long run, the difference between a 2 year and a 3 year program is somewhat irrelevant.
2.  Hybrid thinking. The world needs hybrid thinkers. It needs people who can meet a messy problem and approach it from an unconventional angle. The Erb program will help you see business from the point of view of ecology and the environment from a financial perspective (among others).
3.  The community. Two years ago I came to GBR uncertain about doing the dual degree. But I discovered that the Erbers were my people. This is a rare and special community. They will become your friends. They will inspire you. And they will be your everlasting network as you determine how to make a difference in this world.

I could go on. But those are the biggest differences between doing the Erb program and doing anything else. Developing your hybrid thinking skills among a community of like-minded, supportive people will provide a lifetime of value — value that more than offsets the extra debt, the long winters and any other sacrifices you would need to make to come to Michigan.

I hope to see you this fall!

All the best,


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